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AirFit Forefoot Protector Covered Gel Sleeve (2 pcs)

  • The AirFit Forefoot Covered Sleeves are perfect for protecting all your toes from blisters, corns, abrasion, friction, callouses and other forms of external feet discomfort.

  • You can also use the AirFit Metatarsal Forefeet Protectors if you prefer to have all your toes uncovered.

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All Day Comfort
They provide foot protection, reduces friction and shock absorption. Effective wear inserts comfortably with dress shoes, high heels, work boots, ballet shoes. Too Small Feet May Not Apply.

One Size Fits All Shoes
No need to worry about your shoe size. Reduce the soreness, swelling and discomfort caused by running, jogging or standing all day, providing comfort and daily mobility back.

Pain Relief
Soft gel shields can reduce friction and discomfort caused by friction as well as pain caused by calluses, corn or blisters.

Additional Information
Brand AirFit
Additional Information
Brand AirFit