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General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

1) How do I change my password or update my account information?

To change your password and contact details, follow these steps:

Go to My Account > Personal Information.

Select “Edit”, “Add”, “Create”, or “Remove” next to the information you want to change.

2) I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

Go to the login page and select “Forget Password”.

A link will be sent to your email address to containing instructions to reset your password.

3) How do I make a purchase?

Shopping at Raffles Health is easy:

1. Visit the product detail page for an item you wish to buy.

2. Click on "Add to Cart".

3. When you have finished adding items to your cart, click the "Checkout" button, leading you to the "View Cart" page.

4. On the "View Cart" page, you can make the necessary changes to your cart before checking out your items.

5. Click "Proceed to Checkout" and fill in/select the fields accordingly.

6. Review your order information and click "Complete Order" to complete your purchase.

You'll see an order confirmation screen when your purchase has been completed, and an order confirmation email will be sent to your specified email address.

4) How long can I keep items in my cart?

Products are kept in your shopping cart for as long as they are available. If the product is not available, the site will alert you at the cart page that it is out of stock. Your order and products are only confirmed after payment is made. Placing items in your shopping cart does not guarantee they are reserved for you.

5) How do I check my order status?

1. In "My Account", click on "My Orders". Your recent orders will be shown.

2. On the line showing the order that you want to view, look under the "Status" column.

Orders that are being processed, cancelled or delivered will have a status showing as "Processing", "Cancelled" or "Completed".

6) Can I make changes to my order?

Since we process your order(s) immediately after making payment and confirmation, we are unable to make any amendments or cancellations to your order(s).

7) Will an e-receipt be emailed to me after I made payment?

We will not send an e-receipt to you. Instead, you will receive an order confirmation email once your order is confirmed. When your product is ready to be shipped, we will send you a shipment confirmation email. A hardcopy tax invoice will be included in your package, either upon delivery or self- collection.

However, if you still require an e-receipt, please email us at and we will send it to you via your registered email.

8) How can I track my order?

An email will be sent to you once your order is scheduled for delivery.

You can refer to the tracking number within the email and contact our shipping partner directly.

9) How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Delivery will be made within 3 (three) working days for all orders except for health screening packages where delivery of physical letters for redemptions will be made within 5 (five) working days.

Currently, we are providing free shipping for orders that are above SGD80. This promotion is subject to changes, which will be reflected on our website. A shipping fee of SGD8 will be charged if your order does not meet a nett amount of SGD80, subject to further changes.

10) What if I do not receive my items?

Upon receiving your shipment confirmation email, you should be receiving your package by the end of the next day. Please be informed that the operating hours for the delivery company we work with delivers between 8am to 8pm for weekdays, and 8am to 5pm for Saturdays. They do not make any deliveries on Sundays and public holidays. 

If your package has not arrived one working day after receiving the shipment confirmation email, please do the following:

  1. Verify your shipping address
  2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery at your shipping address
  3. Look around the delivery location for your package
  4. Check if someone else received the delivery on your behalf. If you have requested for your package to be shipped to your office, kindly check in your office mailroom or with your colleagues. If your package is shipped to a residential location, check with your family members.
  5. Check your mailbox or the location you receive mail.

If you are unable to locate your package after doing all the above, kindly contact the Yamato Singapore customer service team, and state your 12 digit Airway Bill number that has been reflected in your shipment confirmation email. You may contact them at: 1800 225 5888. You may also track your package by going to this link: Track my package

Alternatively, you may contact us at

11) Can I exchange or return my item?

Unless your item is found to be damaged, or if the wrong product has been delivered, we do not allow returns or exchanges. Please contact us at with your order number and pictures of the damaged item for auditing purposes.

12) How can I get a refund?

We will review refund requests on a case-by-case basis. You may request for a refund by sending an email to us at if it is due to:

  1. Delay in delivery by events outside our control
  2. Items are damaged upon receiving
  3. Wrong items received
  4. Product seal is broken

For (2), (3), and (4), kindly take a picture of your product(s) and email it to us, together with your refund request and your order confirmation number.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information about exchanging, returning or refunding your items.

13) Is my information kept private?

Please refer to our privacy policy here.