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AirFit Metatarsal Ball of Feet & Forefeet Protector (2 pcs)

  • Developed by podiatrists to reduce forefoot pain from blisters, calluses, burning sensations, bunions, metatarsal problems and prevent common chronic feet conditions.

  • Smooth, stretchable, and flexible for maximum comfort and protection.

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  • This soft, stretchable and easy to use sleeve protects the front of your foot from blisters, abrasions, bunions and reduces the pressure on your foot.
  • The smooth, velvet-like texture is extremely smooth and won’t scratch or cut your skin.
  • Easy to use, affordable- perfect for breaking in new shoes, having a more comfortable walk, hike or run.
  • Highly recommended if you walk, run or hike long distances or want to relieve pressure on your feet.
  • You can also use the AIRFIT FOREFOOT COVERED SLEEVES if you prefer to have all your toes covered.
Additional Information
Brand AirFit
Additional Information
Brand AirFit