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What Your Vaginal Discharge Says About Your Health

Vaginal discharge is a regular occurrence to most women but a topic we often feel shy to discuss. We also...

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Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Worsen Acne

The constant struggle with acne can be an unnerving experience that emotionally affects one’s self-esteem. While some individuals would have...

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How to Choose the Right Mouthwash?

Many of us often include mouthwash (also known as mouth rinse) as part of our oral care regimen, aside from...

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4 Common Side Effects of Overeating and How to Overcome Them

Chinese New Year is around the corner and this means it is time for reunion dinners! Reunion meals are one...

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Travelling Soon? Here’s Your Guide to Staying in the Pink of Health

Travelling is all fun and games until the harsh cold hits, or when your stomach churns after feasting on too...

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5 Common Oral Health Myths That Might Be Harming Your Teeth

We all know that brushing our teeth is the bare minimum for oral hygiene, but did you also know that...

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