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Your Guide to Health Screening Tests in Singapore

Getting the correct health screening tests or package is tricky business. If you do a quick search about this topic...

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First Aid 101: 5 Essential Skills Everyone Should Know

Imagine this scenario: someone suddenly starts choking and requires immediate help. What would you do? Handling such emergencies can feel...

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What You Need to Know About Influenza Vaccination

What is influenza and how does it affect me? Seasonal influenza, commonly called “the flu,” is caused by influenza viruses...

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6 Effective Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

Physical exercise and a healthy diet are undoubtedly essential to achieving good health. The brain health aspect, however, often goes...

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6 Medical Tests to Diagnose Heart Problems

Did you know that your heart is one of the most powerful organs in the human body? It consistently pumps...

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Debunking 6 Common Myths About Cholesterol

Cholesterol has a notorious reputation for causing trouble where heart health is concerned. While it is true that high levels...

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