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Raffles Hospital Antenatal Class


Pregnancy brings a host of physical and emotional changes to the mother’s body. This full-day class allows parents-to-be to learn about these changes, and how to cope with them. Topics include: changes in pregnancy, labour & delivery, post delivery care, breastfeeding and newborn care.



Raffles Specialists Centre
Level 19, Sky Garden,
585 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188770


You may choose to attend one of the dates below:

  • 25 May 2024
  • 22 June 2024
  • 13 July 2024
  • 10 August 2024
  • 14 September 2024
  • 12 October 2024
  • 9 November 2024
  • 14 December 2024

Booking slots will be made available to the public one month before the tentative date. Seats must be booked to confirm your slot(s) after purchase. Please indicate the date you are attending when booking your seat.

Time 9am – 6pm


Upon purchase, we will send to your email a redemption letter, that you can use to redeem your course. Please contact Raffles Hospital, Nursery & NICU at 6311 1516 /6311 1517 or email antenatl_class@rafflesmedical.com to book a seat after you have made the purchase.

Free Shipping for orders $50 and above

Childbirth is an important and wonderful journey for parents, yet nerve-wracking and filled with apprehension at the same time. Prepare for your journey into parenthood with our Antenatal Class, featuring expert guidance on self-care and post-delivery baby care. From feeding techniques to soothing methods, gain the knowledge and confidence you need for a smooth transition.

Conducted by Registered Nurse Midwives, Senior Lactation Consultant, Parentcraft educators and Physiotherapists from Raffles Hospital, you can gain valuable insights from them. Through our practical sessions, you will also gain hands-on experience in preparation of caring for your baby.

Reserve your spot now and empower yourself for the arrival of your little one!


Topics include:

Pregnancy Changes

  • Understanding the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Identifying the pregnancy milestones
  • Learning how to cope with changes to your body during pregnancy

Labour & Delivery

  • Signs of going into labour
  • Available pain relief options during labour
  • Types of delivery options to choose from

Post Delivery Care

  • Changes to your body after childbirth
  • Common medical conditions that may arise after childbirth, and how to manage them
  • Caring for yourself, physically and psychologically

Breastfeeding Preparation & Other Concerns

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding techniques and tips for a successful feed
  • How to express and store breast milk
  • Common breastfeeding challenges and how to overcome them

Know About Your Newborn

  • Characteristics and anatomy of a newborn
  • Bodily habits of a newborn
  • How to care for your newborn
  • Hands-on session: Feeding, bathing, diapering, technique of carrying newborn and baby massage (soothing of baby)

Specialised Physiotherapy Session (NEW)

  • Learn exercises tailored for antenatal and post-delivery conditions
  • Regain strength, relieve comfort and optimise recovery

Secrets to Postpartum Nourishment (NEW)

  • Demonstration of confinement meal preparation
  • Learn invaluable recipes and techniques to support your own or your love one’s recovery journey

Tour of Hospital Facilities (optional)

  • Labour Ward
  • Nursery
  • Deluxe rooms and suites

Terms & Conditions

  • Price is in Singapore dollars and inclusive of GST.
  • It is recommended to register for this course after 16 weeks of pregnancy. Your spouse may also participate in the class with you at no additional charge.
  • Upon a successful purchase, you will receive a redemption letter via email to redeem the course. This letter can only be used for the course indicated.
  • The redemption letter must be presented on the day of the course together with your NRIC / identification documents. You will be informed ahead of time if there is any change of class schedule.
  • You may purchase this class on behalf of another person. Please indicate the recipient’s details when booking the course.
  • Any cancellation must be made in writing within seven (7) working days before the class commences.
  • This course is subject to a cancellation fee of $78.50.
  • For enquiries or to book a seat for the course, please contact Raffles Hospital, Nursery & NICU at 6311 1516 / 6311 1517 or email antenatl_class@rafflesmedical.com
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