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Ocean Health Clinical Series BICOLD™ Immune Support for Kids


Key Features:

  • Clinic & hospital pharmacy exclusive

  • Contains Elderberry Fruit Concentrate Wellmune® Zinc, a clinically proven ingredient to help strengthen the immune system for toddlers

  • Provides vitamins and resistance to common cold and flu

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Ocean Health Clinical Series BICOLD™ Immune Support for Kids is a specially formulated great tasting Elderberry syrup which contains a synergistic blend of three key active ingredients: Wellmune® (Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan), Elderberry and Zinc. It provides optimum immune system support for your child and maintains good health. Having a healthy immune system helps to provide resistance to common cold and flu.


1-2 years old: 5ml daily
2 years and above: 5-10ml daily or as prescribed by your doctor.
Shake well before use.


Active Ingredients:

Active Ingredients Per 10ml

Elderberry Fruit Concentrate (Sambucus nigra)


Wellmune ® (Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan)


Zinc (Zinc Oxide)



Store at temperature below 25°C; avoid exposure to localised heat sources, sunlight and contact with water. Use within one month after opening. See expiry date at bottom of the box.