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CG210 Hair and Scalp Essence Men 80ml


CG210® Hair and Scalp Essence for Men and Women
A convenient to use, hypoallergenic, non-oily formulation that can help you manage alopecia by protecting and strengthening your hair from the roots.


  • Clincally tested, evidence-based
  • Patented botanical essence, Cellium
  • Low % of alcohol: non-irritating
  • No preservatives, colourants, parabens or glycols

Hair Benefits:

  • Normalise hair shedding in as little as 44 days1
  • 53% of users perceived increase in hair thickness after 14 days2
  • Increase scalp collagen by 80% after 4 months - better hair implantation3
  • Clinical improvement in 96% of subjects4
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CG210® is a clinically tested, unique blend of botannical active essence (Cellium) that protects and strengthens hair from the roots.
CG210® extends the growing phase and delays the shedding phase of hair. This results in hair shedding back to normal level with the appearance of thicker, healthier hair in as early as 44 days.

It has a low alcohol content, is non-oily, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. CG210® works via a novel patented 3-level mechanism of action by delaying hair cells apoptosis, reducing scalp inflammation and remodelling and increasing scalp collagen. These are factors implicated in hair loss but are not adressed by current therapies.

CG210® be used as a monotherapy or in combination with existing therapies for synergistic effects to promote healthier and thicker looking hair. Its safety and efficacy have been demonstrated in more than 400 male and female volunteers with male androgenic alopecia and female pattern hair loss, respectively.

What is alopecia?

Normal hair cycle goes through 3 stages:



Hair loss/thinning is known as "alopecia". Alopecia occurs when the hair cycle is disrupted (less hair grows and more hair sheds) resulting in general thinning or patchy loss of hair.


Having alopecia can be a devastating experience
but we are here to walk you through this journey.

Why do I have alopecia?

Some possible causes of alopecia may include:

  • Genetics
  • Aging, menopause
  • Medical conditions e.g. thyroid dysfunctions
  • Hormonal changes e.g. pregnancy
  • Scalp infections e.g. fungal infections
  •  Side effects of certain medications
  • Emotional or physical stress e.g. crash dieting, high fever
  • Hairstyles and treatments e.g. use of harsh chemicals on hair or tight hairstyles


Do you know?

It is generally normal for a person to shed up to 100 hairs per day!

Chronic scalp inflammation is a common but silent cause of alopecia that you may not even notice.

A convenient to use, hypoallergenic, non-oily formulation that can help you manage alopecia by protecting and strengthening your hair from the roots.

Directions for use:

1. Shake the bottle before use

2. Spray 5 to 10 sprays onto the entire scalp (wet or dry) using a cannula

3. Massage the scalp gently with fingertips

4. Style your hair as usual

Note: Do not spray on hair. The essence has to reach the scalp. Do not wash hair after application.


10 Tips for Healthy Hair

  • Have healthy well-balanced meals for optimum nutrition. Nutrients like iron, zinc or biotin are essential for healthy hair
  • Practice good stress management
  • Maintain good hair and scalp hygiene. Avoid using oily hair products. These help to prevent clogging and inflammation of scalp which can cause hair loss
  • Be gentle with your hair. Dab dry your hair instead of rubbing, which can cause damage leading to hair loss. Avoid brushing wet hair. Opt for a wide-tooth comb and avoid tugging when combing
  • Avoid harsh treatments e.g. hair bleaching
  • Allow hair to air-dry whenever possible and minimise use of high heat tools e.g. hair dryer, hot curling irons
  • Avoid tight pulling hairstyles e.g. tight ponytails
  • Stop smoking - some studies show an association between smoking and hair loss
  • Massage your scalp regularly
  • Use products that may help reduce hair loss/ thinning e.g. CG210®

References: Data on file 1-3: 1. ACEPA 3 study 2. CATSH 14 study 3. CEBA 4 study 4. Katoulis AC, et al. Skin Appendage Discord 2018;4:160-165. 5. Cuce, Luis Carlos, Consuelo J. Rodrigues, and R9gia Celli R. Patriota. Surg Cosmet Dermatol 2011;3:23-128.

Additional Information
Brand CG210
Additional Information
Brand CG210