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AirFit Bunion Splint Toe Corrector (1 pc)

  • The AirFit Bunion Splint helps realign overlapping big toes caused by bunions occurring on both feet while.
  • It is attached to the big toe and forefoot using adjustable straps and so can be used for almost all feet sizes and shapes.
  • Best used at night or when not using any shoes due to the size of the splint.
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Helps reduce bunion formation by protecting bunion. Can be used pre or post operative.

  • One size fits most.
  • It can protect the toe from hallux valgus and push your toes bones to recover closer to their original position.
  • It can relax your feet after a day long working and maintain healthy and beautiful foot shape.
  • Is adjustable to help keep your big toe straight and relieve your night pain.
  • Use the Toe Wrap to to get the perfect fit around your big toe.
  • Use the Bendable Toe Stabilizer to conform the brace to the contour of your big toe for greater comfort. You can also bend the Stabilizer to provide more inward torque to straighten your big toe.
  • The bunion splint is integrated with an nylon material with hook & loop closures around the instep. The corrector(splint) and the big toe separator help to correct the hallux valgus and crooked hammer toes, reduce the friction between toes, alleviate the inflammation of the overlapping toes, relieve the bunion pain.
Additional Information
Brand AirFit
Additional Information
Brand AirFit