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AirFit Bow & Cross Legged Corrector for Supination & Pronation

  • Easy to Use: Follow the illustrated instructions on how to use correctly.

  • High Quality: Made of soft and durable cal-grade PU gel material with antislip top layer and adhesive design. Can be washed and reused.

  • Fits Most Shoes: These orthotic inserts can be used by children, men and women. They fit all types of shoes- running, dress and casual shoes; boots, sneakers, work shoes and many other shoe types.

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Did you know that bowleggedness or knock knees can cause pain in you back, hips, neck, shoulders and knees? Help correct this with the AirFit Bow/Cross Legged Corrector shoe inserts which are easy to use and affordable.

Medial & Lateral Heel Cups for foot alignment of bow leggedness, knock knees, osteoarthritis, pronation (inward rolling of feet), supination (outward rolling of feet) shoulder, back, hip, neck pains and even falling.

Additional Information
Brand AirFit
Additional Information
Brand AirFit