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AirFit AntiBacterial Shoe Dryer & Deodorizer

  • Dehumidifier
    The zeolite effectively absorbs moisture keeping them dry which reduces odour, fungal and bacterial growth.

  • Deodorant
    The light, fresh deodorant emitted from the capsule makes wearing or keeping your shoes more pleasant by replacing smelly odours with a fragrance.

  • Small, Convenient Capsule Shape
    Cute and compact, this shape easily fits into your shoes, bags, drawers, cupboards.

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Remove both smelly odours and dampness from your shoes with this handy dehumidifier which also provides a light, pleasant fragrance to both dry and freshen your shoe. Can also be used in your bag, luggage, back pack, drawers, cupboard or any small, damp enclosed space.

Other dehumidifiers are bulky and only dries your shoe but AirFits capsule both dehumidifies while providing a fresh fragrance.

Additional Information
Brand AirFit
Additional Information
Brand AirFit