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RafflesHealth Pregnancy Test (Midstream)


Detect a pregnancy early with just one test.

  • > 99% accurate
  • High Sensitivity
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The HCG Pregnancy Test has an analytical sensitivity of 25 mIU/mL and is capable of detecting pregnancy as early as 1 day after the first missed period. 
Instruction Guide
Step 1: Read packaging details, inserts and verify expiration date before testing 
Step 2: Open packaging. 
Step 3: Hold the absorbent tip downward in the urine stream. 
Step 4: Wait for pink-coloured lines to appear. Read results within 5 minutes. 
Positive: Distinct color bands appear on the control and test regions. 
Negative: Only one coloured band appears on the control region. 
Invalid: No visible band in the control region is an indication of procedure error and/or test reagent deterioration has occurred. Repeat test with a new kit. 

Additional Information
Brand Raffles Health
Additional Information
Brand Raffles Health