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Alchemy Fibre for rice 250g


Alchemy Fibre™ is a patented powder blend of plant-based ingredients and a slowly digestible carbohydrate you can add to carb-based food during preparation. High in dietary fibre and containing prebiotics, every serving lowers glucose release and boosts your immunity.

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What is Alchemy Fibre™?

Alchemy FibreT™ powder blends are patented blends of plant-based ingredients and is a slow release carbohydrate, high in dietary fibre. Alchemy FibreTM for Rice is our first product we introduce, to make rice healthier!

Benefits of adding Alchemy Fibre™ to white rice

Alchemy Fibre™ are specially formulated patented blends of plant-based ingredients, which help with glucose control by slowing down carbohydrate digestion rate. It is also high in prebiotic fibre which improves gut health and helps boost immunity.

Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice, in particular, is inulin-rich, enabling this prebiotic fibre to pass undigested right through to the large intestine. As it ferments, it takes on anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties which boost the immune system by supporting digestive health, brain health, and bone density.

Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice is soluble and can easily be added to rice during cooking. White rice made with Alchemy FibreTM digests as slowly as brown rice and has 3x more fibre than brown rice. It is suitable for preparing a wide variety of rice dishes such as chicken rice, fried rice, congee, nasi lemak, and sushi.


What is Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice made of?

Natural inulin and edible gum.

The powder blend for rice is scientifically tested to reduce the glucose release of white rice when cooked with Alchemy Fibre™, and sensory evaluations were conducted to ensure there are no significant taste difference with Alchemy Fibre™ for Rice added. All our ingredients are food-grade and safe for consumption.

How does
Alchemy Fibre™ work?

How to cook rice
with Alchemy Fibre™?

Additional Information
Brand Alchemy
Benefits Digestive Health, General Well Being, Cold, Flu, & Immunity
Additional Information
Brand Alchemy
Benefits Digestive Health, General Well Being, Cold, Flu, & Immunity