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Raffles Elite Plus (For Ladies)


Raffles Elite Plus caters for those of us approaching the golden years where early detection of common and degenerative diseases could help us improve our quality of health and life. It assesses the functions and structures of all major organs in the body and also screens for hormonal imbalances. A dental consult for the complete wellness screening is also included.

This screening package includes:

• Physical examination & assessment
• Laboratory analysis
• Radiology assessments
• Cardiac assessment
• Other clinical assessments
• Other clinical consultation

Applicable at Raffles Health Screeners (Singapore) in Raffles Hospital, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Holland V and Shaw Centre. Price is in Singapore dollars and inclusive of GST.


Upon purchase, we will send to your email a redemption letter that you can use to redeem your package. Please call 6311 1222 (24 Hours) or email to make an appointment and present the letter on the day of your appointment.

Free Shipping for orders $50 and above


  • Consultation and Physical Examination by Doctor
  • Body Fat Measurement
  • Height / Weight / BMI
  • Visual Acuity
  • Medical Report
  • Post Examination Review by Doctor


  • Complete Haematological Parameters
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  • Blood Group
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Blood Glucose
  • HbA1c (Diabetic Screening)
  • Lipid / Cholesterol Profile
  • Gout (Uric Acid)
  • Thyroid Screening: Free T4 & TSH
  • Bone Mineral Status: Calcium & Phosphate
  • Immunology: Rheumatoid Factor
  • Immunology: Anti-DS DNA Antibody
  • Immunology: Anti-Nuclear Antibody
  • Cardiac Risk: Homocysteine
  • Cardiac Risk: HS CRP
  • Cardiac Risk: Lipoprotein A
  • 25-Hydroxyvitamin D
  • Anaemia Screening: B12
  • Anaemia Screening: TIBC
  • Anaemia Screening: Folate
  • Iron
  • Ferritin
  • Hepatitis A Screening
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  • Hepatitis C Screening
  • HIV Screening
  • Magnesium
  • Varicella IgG
  • Venereal Disease (VDRL / TPHA)
  • Rubella IgG
  • Tumour Marker - Liver (AFP)
  • Tumour Marker - Colon (CEA)
  • Tumour Marker - Pancreas (CA 19-9)
  • Tumour Marker - Nose (EBV)
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine Microalbumin to Creatinine Ratio
  • Stool Occult Blood
  • Helicobacter Pylori IGG
  • Mastocheck®
  • Tumour Marker - Ovary (CA 125)
  • Tumour Marker - Breast (CA 15-3)
  • Hormonal Profile: LH, FSH
  • Hormonal Profile: Estradiol (E2)
  • Hormonal Profile: Progesterone
  • B-HCG
  • SurePath™ Liquid-based Pap Test


  • Ultrasound Abdomen
  • Ultrasound Pelvis
  • Ultrasound Thyroid
  • Ultrasound Breast
  • Mammogram
  • Bone Densitometry


  • Chest X-ray

Choose 1 out of 3

  1. MRI Back Pain Screening
  2. Infarct Screening
  3. MRI Neck Pain Screening


  • Retinophotography (Diabetic Eye Test)
  • 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Assessment)
  • Tonometry (Glaucoma Screening)


  • Dental Scaling and Polishing



  1. There should be an interval of 8 weeks for mammogram from date of last COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. Strenuous exercise is discouraged after COVID-19 vaccination. Hence, treadmill electrocardiogram should be avoided within 2 weeks from date of last COVID-19 vaccination.


  1. Fasting for 8 hours before your health screening appointment is required specifically for your blood tests, ultrasound abdomen and ultrasound liver.
  2. Please refrain from consuming food starting from 12 midnight on the day of your appointment.
  3. Drinking of plain water is permissible up to the morning of screening.


  1. Please delay your routine morning medication and/or supplements until your blood sample is taken.


  1. You may collect the stool cassette from any Raffles Medical Clinic.
  2. You can collect your stool sample one day before your screening appointment.
  3. Please store the cassette away from sunlight and at room temperature.
  4. Submission of stool cassette can only be done on the day of the health screening.


  1. For ladies - Pap smear, urine and stool tests should be done 5-7 days after the last day of menstruation.
  2. If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please inform the nurses on arrival as the pap smear, urine and stool tests cannot be conducted.


  • Price is in Singapore dollars and inclusive of GST.
  • Upon purchase, we will send to your email a redemption letter, that you can use to redeem your package. This letter can only be used for the package indicated.
  • This letter must be presented upon registration at the clinic, together with your NRIC / Identification documents.
  • Prior appointment is required. Please quote “RHS E-health” and the selected package.
  • Applicable at Raffles Health Screeners (Singapore) in Raffles Hospital, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Holland V and Shaw Centre.
  • Items in the package are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, including unutilised portion.
  • You may transfer the package to another person. Please fill in the authorisation form accordingly.
  • Not valid with other corporate programmes.
  • Listed terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Raffles Medical Group Ltd is not responsible for any loss or unauthorised use of the redemption letter.
  • To make your appointment, please call 6311 1222.
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