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F2F (Face to Face Robot)

  • Face-to-Face (F2F) is a communication innovation designed specifically with the non-tech-savvy in mind.
  • Simplicity is our motto.
  • We take the best of what technology has to offer and put the warmth of a human face back into our communication of care and love.
  • It is designed to bring the elderly the comfort, the emotional and mental supports; offering a more familiar form of connection, communicating face to face.
  • F2F is designed to provide elderlies, family members, and care givers the means, companionship, peace of mind, and the safe and secure feeling that are essential components to a fulfilling life.
  • F2F also seek to forge a support system for the elderly by enabling them to stay connected with families, friends, and peers; encouraging one another, caring for one another, promoting an active life.
  • It helps retain the independence and dignity of our loved one while staying in the comfort of their surroundings, allowing them to lead the fullest, most comfortable lives.

Android Tablet : Enables face to face communication for you and your loved ones or multi-party conference call.
360ᵒ Rotating Base : Allows you and other family members, on the other end of the communication, the ability to survey the environment of your loved ones.
SOS Emergency Cal l: Automatically contact you and other emergency contacts when emergencies arise.
Supports Wifi/3G/4G : Offers a varieties of communication channels to ensure the availability of communication to your loved ones.
NOTE : Our current F2F model works purely on Wifi.
Bluetooth Connection:Enables a wide varieties of ready products to enhance and further customise the capabilities of your F2F units to meet the specific needs of your loved ones.
Smart Charging:Ensure that your F2F unit is always operational without the worry of over-charging the battery.
Reminders Setting : Allows you and other family members to remind your loved ones, at a fixed time, to carry out certain important tasks e.g. to remind your loved ones to take their morning medicine at 9am.
E-Album : Involves your loved ones in family lives, keeping them updated with the latest progress in your life with photos and pictures.
Motion Sensing : Allows F2F to scan for motion in its proximity.
Possibilities of more advance applications for your F2F. 

Additional Information
Notes Warranty period is 90 days

F2F Brochure

Country of Manufacture : China
Benefits General Well Being
Additional Information
Notes Warranty period is 90 days

F2F Brochure

Country of Manufacture : China
Benefits General Well Being