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Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C801


High efficiency with Omron's V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology) to manage asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory disorders effectively. Its silent operation ensures comfortable use for people of all ages.

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Uses Omron’s V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology)
Does not use silicon valves, which makes it easy to clean, and reduces medication wastage and improves nebulisation.

Small & Light Tabletop Nebuliser
Weighing about 270g, the NE-C801 is lightweight and portable enough for easy handling.

Fast, Efficient Operation
With a nebulisation rate of 0.30ml/minute and particles as small as 3um MMD, the NE-C801 creates ideally sized minute particles, which are easily absorbed into the lungs to support treatment.

Low Noise Level
Runs at 47 dB, or at about the volume level of a refrigerator, bringing comfort to nebulisation therapy for children

Additional Information
Brand Omron
Benefits General Well Being
Additional Information
Brand Omron
Benefits General Well Being